• Registration includes the Booklet of Abstracts and other materials.
  • The registration fee is u$s 250 and must be paid cash at the Conference Registration Desk.
  • Students have a reduced fee of u$s 100.
  • The fee is paid in cash at the meeting desk in US dollars.

Registration Steps

If you are not registered to our website, please follow these steps:

  1. Register to our website via the INTRANET section at the bottom of this page or using this link
  2. A profile page invites you to fill your personal information and update your password
  3. Go to the Abstracts section
  4. Prepare a file with your abstract using the template shown below
  5. Submit your abstract as a LaTex file using the filename “your_lastname.tex”

Abstract Template

Use this template to prepare your abstract. Copy the text and replace it accordingly with the suitable information.

\title { The title of your work }
\author { the authors separated by comma. E. g. author1, author2,author3}
\affiliation {the affiliations of the authors separated by comma. E.g. affiliation1,affiliation2,affiliation3}
% if you need several lines use // to produce a hard return
\abstract { This is your abstract }

You can also download the LaTex template file.